Time After Time…

There’s a secret to it all, you see. The key to our relationship -what ever that relationship may be at the time- is that if I keep talking to you, you’ll keep talking to me. You tell me that if I really knew you, I would know that you would keep talking to me, as long as I keep talking to you. But I have my doubts about that. Just like the words you find need to be evaluated in your life, I wonder what rules you keep, will also be reevaluated. I’ve told you that I never wanted to play any mind games with you. I message you when I feel like talking with you. I haven’t played hard to get, even though I know you love the chase. I have never lied to you, even as it pains me to tell you the truth. But your rejection, pains me the most. Time. After time. After time. And time again.

Until next time~



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