I Wonder If This Too, Remains True.

Laying there right next to you. Right beside you. Your toes caressing mine. Letting me know exactly what’s on your mind. As if it weren’t on mine as well. I move to put my head on your chest. Without missing a beat, you wrap your arm around me. Your hand moves from my side to my shoulder and back again, from time to time. My body is cold to the touch, though you are so warm. As my leg settles in between your own, your toes cuddling against my own. Your legs pressing against mine. As my arm rests on your chest beside my face. Your heart beats in my ear. You comfort me in a world full of uncertainty. You once told me that I was a candle in a dark world. But you make me shine brighter. That remains true. You also once said that there was a new woman in your life who had made a smile return to your lips. I wonder if this too, remains true.

Until next time~



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