These Most Lovely of Horrible Emotions

It’s the most lovely of horrible emotions when all the right things happen, only it’s with the wrong person. And your desired one is off on a date, while you rest in the arms of another. Where you get all the treatment that you had hoped for, only when you look up, it’s to the wrong face. The wrong voice. The wrong touch. And the wrong heart.

It’s horrible from every angle. That moment when you face the fact that you truly do not want them, but you know they want you. That moment where you know you desire someone else, and you know they want you too, but you cannot be together. The moment that star crossed lovers will forever be tormented by the dream of happiness but the bite of reality. That moment where, you know you love them more then they will ever love you.

That moment. Let that moment crash and die, before you do.

Until next time~


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