Truth or Dare. 

After a long day of comparing myself to others, I’ve realized something. There’s no need to. I dare myself to compare almost everything about my being to other people, other women. Isn’t it just exhausting? In reality, I compare my body, mind, and spirit to other women in countless ways, with more criticisms then a magazine editor and food critic combined. I dare myself to compare to them, when in reality I should be looking at the truth of the matter. Ladies and gentlemen, the trust, is that they are no better than me. And I, am the best me there ever will be. 

Until next time, 



Yup. I Love Him.


I hope you can find some use of these things. The flag represents my heart and is a small piece of me you can take with you. The name tape on the front represents the future and name I hope to share with you. The cover of camo represents my arms always around you.

With all the love and hope I possess…

Yes… I love him.

Until next time~


His Promises To Me

He made me a set of promises. He always keeps his promises.

I will never lie to you.

I will never hurt you.

I will ask you to marry me by no later than 21 Oct 2016.

I will never resent you.

I will always love you.

I will always strive to be the man you want and deserve.

So long as you’ll have me, I will always be there.

There is one more promise to come. The only difference, is that this particular promise, will be seen in the form of a ring. I admire and love all of them, just as I admire and love the man who gave them all to me.

I am proud to call him mine, as he is proud to call me his.

Until next time~