The Escape Artist

sandy 368

Modifications To An Invention. I don’t even know where to begin this time… I have made many modifications to the relationships in my life. Writing a post is always very nerve wracking, but I have discuss. So get on board. After all, you swim with the sharks, or die with the fishes, right?

I am finally over him. I can finally put the past where it belongs, where he belongs. Now, it’s time to face to future head on when full force. Closure is sweet. I have put one man in the past and another has taken his place. I am glad to announce that my man has proudly been by my side since St. Patrick’s Day. -I like having a fun way to remember my anniversary anyway.- The feeling that you just ‘fit’ into someone’s life is simply wonderful. That’s how it feels with him. We simply ‘fit’ into one another’s lives. When I look into his eyes, I see something profound. When I look into his eyes, I see a future, and I feel safe and secure.

I have always wanted to travel to a new place, see new things, and meet new people. Just leave, and go. Escape. I have been in the same city my entire life, and I feel a powerful need for change. Recently, while imagining myself in these new places, doing these new things, and meeting these new people, I am seeing him there with me. Right beside me. I see a future with this man, and I want it immensely.

I am an escape artist awaiting her great escape…

Until next time~



Love Actually

Love actually… or maybe not.

Yeah, let’s go with not. I’d rather it be real, but I can’t control others’. I hate that, don’t you? And I hate being that sad little brokenhearted girl. So I’m not. I refuse to be ‘that girl’. The man that I was in love with — all to stupidly I might add– has crushed any feelings I had for him. hahaha I mean, I wish he did. As much as I don’t want to be ‘that girl’, I am the girl who never loses hope. That’s something that will never change about me. Nor would I want it to. But I do recognize that ‘i need to take my own advise. When my friends are put into situations like this, I tell them that he isn’t worth it. You deserve to have someone who cares about you, who will be there for you, who will go out of their way for you. So yes, I will take my own advise. But, I will save him as a friend. That much is granted to those who desire it.

So here’s to my single guys and gals out there, because we rock!!

Until next time~


Good Trouble

The grass is not always greener on the other side. The grass is greener where you decide to water it. Just make sure that you do not decide to water a poisoned lawn.

I am all for honesty being the best policy. I believe that honesty is a core value in any relationship, but what happens when you speak the truth and you are told it is false? You know it is true, and they tell you that you are in a dream like haze. My books give me a general understanding, while life clarifies that understanding. Yes, such is true. But my soul gives me love, and my heart projects it. Rejection is most foul, as a sure thing is a rarity. You once called me intriguing, but now you call me infatuated. You may know me, the real me. But you obviously do not know me well enough.

Until next time~